Mexico and rebellion

Militia men from the Mexican revolution

Zapatista women

Emiliano Zapata and Ricardo Flores Magón

Siqueiros mural with Magón, Proudhon and Kropotkin


Murray Bookchin and trotskyism

Murray Bookchin had a teenage admiration for Trotsky because he "stood alone against Stalin" in 1937. Bookchin about that time : “Apart from a small number of anarchists and independent leftists, relatively few American radicals knew about Kronstadt or Bolshevik atrocities against anarchists.”
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Some texts that make it clear that social ecology and trotskyism don't go well together at all :
"Listen, Marxist!", by Murray Bookchin
"Bookchin's Originality", by Janet Biehl


Social Ecology and class struggle

Many libertarian socialists make the mistake of thinking that social ecology is also about not being interested in class struggle. Here are two texts (with several mistakes being made in them) which make it more clear why they are not always that much interested in social ecology:
Anarchism, Class Struggle and Political Organization. By Tom Wetzel, July 2009 and a less recent text : Radical Ecology and Class Struggle: A Re-Consideration. By Jeff Shantz.