Belgian climate movement still growing

Yesterday the largest climate march ever in Belgium took place. Large climate protests have been attracting many young people for almost two months now, even when many people of all ages are in the streets protesting. With the ecology movement (or climate movement) becoming a large mass movement in Belgium, I have noticed that the ideas of Murray Bookchin and other social ecologists have become even more relevant than before. It's not only the ecological Left that is on the rise in Belgium but also the ecological Right. Yes, the Right is slowly becoming environmentalist too. Even when it rather keeps close connections with industrial lobby groups (investing in fossil fuels or other things that are harmful for the planet) and climate scepticists. The Belgian Right is becoming more interested in "nuclear energy solutions" and new climate technology (whether it already exists or not), stopping overpopulation, electric cars and climate taxes (for the rich as well as the poor).