A short review of "The Anti-Jewish Riots in Oslo"

I like the fact that this book of Eirik Eiglad contains enough nuances and is well documented. For those who want to know more about conflicts in the Middle East and the way people in Europe are reacting to it, this book is a must-read.
Even Leftist journalists often know little about the things that are happening in the Scandinavian Left or in the circles of ultra-authoritarian people living there, and with this book a part of it becomes more clear.
That's good, because when some people read much about countries like France or Germany in the newspapers, often they already start to think that they are enough informed about the situation in Europe to have good opinions about it. It's not true, and the things happening in the north of Europe are just as much important.
With anti-Semitism on the rise in Europe (Hungary now for example), this book comes at a good moment. The opinions of Eirik Eiglad on this matter are often original and contain apt writing. If you thought you would find enough information about all of this in newspapers, at indymediasites, in Socialist, Marxist or other Leftist journals, think again because it's not true.

Ask for this book in your local bookshop or buy it at the internet.