What to think of Slavoj Žižek?

There recently has been a quite heated Slavoj Žižek versus Noam Chomsky debate.
I regularly tend to not really understand what Žižek is trying to explain so I quite gave up on trying to. I have seen him talk in Antwerp many years ago and I tried to read a whole book of him, but what he writes just isn't interesting enough I think. My advice to those wanting to read contemporary radical philosophy: read writings like those of Murray Bookchin. I also learned much more from Noam Chomsky than from Slavoj Žižek.
Here is Slavoj Žižek's critique of direct democracy...
What Zizek does not understand: direct democracy does not go well together with State control at all, not now and not in the year 7013 either. He does not want to get involved politically all of the time in a community? So what? We don't need him to implement communal democracy in communities. Direct democracy is about voluntary participation, even often about majority decisions. Nobody has to participate when he or she does not want to participate.