Anarchy in Belgium

In Belgium the libertarian left of the 21st century could be described as a movement in which the ideologies of those active in its main center, the Anarchist Center in a big city called Gent, are very important. This place is in the north of Belgium, not far from the border with The Netherlands.
What is the Anarchist Center? In their own words...
"The Anarchistisch Centrum is a meeting place for individuals and groups active in Gent with anarchism and/or direct action. Anarchism means for us that we want to work in an anti-authoritarian way at an ecological society in which all power is equally divided."
I think anarchism of the now in Belgium is a lot like that of Sweden, but with less syndicalist influences and a lot more people interested in squatting, because the laws around it are not that strict here.

The portal site of anarchist groups in Belgium
(About everything is in Dutch or French)

Two people have started this year with a journal called "Anarchy is order". Two issues of it have appeared already and they have been active as a collective that distributes alot of radical writings, digital and non-digital. They clearly have been inspired by writers like Chaz Bufe, Peter Kropotkin and Murray Bookchin. Their website is almost fully in English.