Anarchy in the Netherlands

Just like in Belgium, squatting and anti-militarism have been very important for the libertarian left in the Netherlands, maybe also because much of the libertarian left movement in these parts of Europe was destroyed when the two World Wars came along.

The portal site of anarchist groups in the Netherlands really shows the influence of non-violence.
(The site is mostly in Dutch but shows some internet links to sites in English)

The group behind the portal site is just about the same as that of the collective Atalanta.

What is Atalanta? In their own words...
"Our philosophy contains sober things from knowledge theory, like skepticism and stoicism. Substantial it is about freedom, fairness and also gaiety. Anarchism and feminism that is."

Its political philosophy is to be found in an old text called "Tijd voor de anarchie", that has been translated into English...
"Time for Anarchy. Some misunderstandings concerning anarchism."
Here you can find a lot of things (also in English and German) about the woman that wrote this pamphlet. She's called Weia Reinboud.