Athens, "webperiodical for direct democracy"

"Athene" (Athens) is a "webperiodical for direct democracy". Its first issue appeared in 2002, and its latest issue is about Cornelius Castoriadis. One of the two people behind Athene is Roger Jacobs. He has written a lot about Murray Bookchin in Dutch. He was also quite influenced by Castoriadis and George Orwell. In Belgium he has been one of the most known anarchists for several decades.
Ronald de Vries has been less involved in left-libertarian circles. He was influenced a lot by people like Erich Fromm and then (later in his life) became a libertarian socialist, much interested in thinking about the concept of democracy. This has also been the central theme of the nine issues of Athene, de Vries was the original initiator of the periodical.
Almost all the texts are in Dutch, but sometimes you can find an original version in English (or an other language) on the site of a translated text.

Before the issue on Castoriadis appeared, Athene was about:

The parlementarian system
march 2006 [8]

The radical democratic opininions of KARL MARX
september 2005 [7]

Direct Democracy in Switzerland
december 2005 [6]

The revolutionary thinking of Hannah Arendt
june 2004 [5]

The participatory budget in Porto Alegre
december 2003 [4]

The Quarters of Paris
february 2003 [3]

Libertarian Municipalism
october 2002 [2]

The Polis of Athens
june 2002 [1]