How to build a movement

In “Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left”, a book that appeared in 1999, Murray Bookchin expanded on the issue of how to build a (communalist) movement. I offer you a Dutch translation. Bookshop Rosa translated this part of the book some years ago, and I have edited it a bit. You can find the first part of the translation in Dutch here, the second part will be there tomorrow. To those who do not read Dutch, I must advise you to read the book.

AK Press : “This expansive collection ranges over, amongst others, Bookchin's account of his teenage years as a young Communist during the Great Depression, his experiences of the 1960s and reflections on that decade's lessons, his vision of a libertarian communist society, libertarian politics, the future of anarchism, and the unity of theory and practice. He goes on to assess the crisis of radicalism today and defends the need for a revolutionary Left. Finally, he states what is to be valued in both anarchism and Marxism in building such a Left and offers guidelines for forming a new revolutionary social movement.”
Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left. Interviews and Essays, 1993-1998 (1999). Edinburgh and San Francisco : A.K. Press. ISBN 1-873176-35-X.