New long texts from Communalists

"Anti-Semitism in the Socialist Tradition" from Kjetil Simonsen is the newest long text at the site of Communalism.
Simonsen : “The extent of anti-Jewish, or potentially anti-Jewish, notions within the Left may come as a surprise or seem incomprehensible. After all, the Left has always said it stood for human emancipation. Alas, anti-Semitic ideas have been found among socialist theorists and in leftist circles for two centuries. This anti-Semitism has taken a host of different expressions, but certain elements have been characteristic: a fundamental contempt for the Jews as Jews; allegations of negative character traits; and an attribution of responsibility for economic problems, exploitation, and social injustice to 'the Jews', viewed as a monolithic entity.”

Before that, there was "Democratizing the Municipality. The Promise of Participatory Budgeting" by Sveinung Legard (see photograph). He is also participating in the upcoming elections of Oslo.
Legard : “The aim of this article is not to discuss whether Porto Alegre is a 'remarkable city', nor to judge the specific achievements of participatory budgeting. Neither is it my objective to criticize confused reformists who do not have coherent ideas about how to change society, nor to pick on their insurrectionist counter-parts. Rather, what I would like to do is assess participatory budgeting from a Communalist perspective, to see what potentialities or limits it has as a democratized municipality and challenge the assumptions about participatory democracy on the 'participatory Left'.”