A different Oslo is possible

The Oslo group of Demokratisk Alternativ is participating in the upcoming municipal elections of september 2007. The group has collecteded signatures for being allegable to participate in these elections. The purpose of the campaign is an educational one, and there to spread the idea of direct and participatory democracy in Oslo city.
This winter, the Oslo group has started the collecting of signatures, and initiated its campaign in the city. Visiting members from Sweden were helping out, the libertarian socialist rock group "Kolokol" used its loud-speakers to announce the initiation of the campaign, and a dinner was organized where Eirik Eiglad discussed Communalism and Anarchism, with a focus on participation in municipal elections. Sveinung Legard and others spent their time in the streets of Norway's capital, collecting signatures for being allowed to participate in the elections of september. The amount of signatures needed to participate was 300, and after four weeks they had already collected more than 500. Legard declared : “Over all, citizens in Oslo seem positive for a new initiative calling for citizen power in the municipality. Now, Demokratisk Alternativ for Oslo will start developing it's program.”

The third of september, the group will have an open meeting to present this program for Oslo. Almost 90 000 persons with immigrant background are eligible to vote in the local elections in Oslo this autumn. Persons with immigrant background comprise 20 percent of the electorate there. The municipalities in Norway are responsible for day care facilities, child welfare, primary and lower secondary schools, public libraries, primary health care, harbours, municipal roads, water supply, sewerage, garbage collection and disposal, housing,...