How The Raven came to an end

The Raven was a quarterly left-libertarian review published by Freedom Press. Each edition usually focused on a specific issue such as food, health, economics, revolution, education, art, genetic engineering, psychology,...

After a lull in the publishing of the review, in September 2003, Freedom Press announced that it would no longer be publishing The Raven. The Press cited both a review of costs (in a letter to Raven subscribers) and changes in the direction and content of the Freedom newspaper.
The Raven, the theoretical and discussion journal from Freedom Press, often had good essays from people like Colin Ward, George Woodcock, Brian Morris, Vernon Richards and others. It also included reviews, debates, etcetera. The changing climate in Great Britain made it difficult for The Raven to survive. Politicians like Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair widened the gap in income between the rich and the poor. Education institutions and large media were really bad too. And anarchism became more and more a lifestyle in the UK, much connected to a badly informed direct action scene and punk music.
AK Press offers some old issues of it.