ZNet, "communalism" and the libertarian Left

Are the people of the libertarian Left positive about communalism then? Do many of them understand that authentic communalism is a thing of the Left? Not really. ZNet will never be really positive about communalism for example. In French many people of the libertarian Left will start referring to something they will call communalisme libertaire, while rejecting the project of municipalisme libertaire. And when ZNet refers to communalism, it will almost never point to social ecology and the libertarian Left. It will just start publishing things about problems in India a lot. Like this...

Hanif Lakdawala (2005):

Muslim groups generally think that the only sort of communalism that has to be fought is Hindu communalism, but this is wrong since Muslim communalism is also a threat. In fact, it is more of a threat to Muslims themselves than to others. We should stop this habit that we have of blaming others alone for our plight and do some serious introspection and admit that we, too, have had our share of responsibility for the communal problem. Hindu and Muslim communalism, as I said, feed on each other, so both need to be combated. Hence, intra-Muslim dialogue on the issue of Muslim communalism is very necessary. There is an urgent need for internal reforms and democratisation within the Muslim community, be it on the issue of leadership, women or the poor. We need progressive interpretations of the Quran on issues such as women or inter-community and inter-faith relations.

ZNet will be positive about anarchism though, it will never point to the danger of national-anarchism for example. And it wil not easily criticize anarcho-syndicalism or other forms of anarchism. But ofcourse, it doesn't like individualistic anarchism or anarcho-capitalism very much.