A final blow to the National Alliance

The National Alliance (Dutch: Nationale Alliantie) was a Dutch nationalist party. It was racist and neo-fascist. The party was formed in 2003, by Jan Teijn and Virginia Kapic. Teijn was once one of the local council members in Rotterdam as a national-socialist, he had a seat there, which he held until 2006.
The party's ideology is based on nazism. During the years of its existence, the party, according to Wikipedia, “wants to protect Dutch culture, is in favour of animal rights and against battery farming, unnecessary animal testing, fur and leather for which animals have to be slaughtered separately”. The party is also homophobic, and advocates its point of view that all paedophiles should be imprisoned for life.
It does not have much support of the media and does not have a good image. According to their website, this has not only been their own fault, but has also been the fault of “the Leftfascist media”. To demonstrate with a bald head and “white power symbols” has not been a way to reach the nation, the website points out. And it should not be a fashion show. “This is the reason why we're stopping.”
The party stopped almost a month ago. But other reasons could have led to this decision. A more pragmatic faction of the Far Right, with a guy called Geert Wilders as its well-known leader, is gaining a lot of electoral successes. In the polls, it has recently been doubling its expected seats in The Netherlands, also because of the fact that it has been advocating the prohibition of the Koran. And Jan Teijn is now being prosecuted for the possession of two child pornography films.