How to greenwash cars

Socially and environmentally destructive corporations are often attempting to preserve and expand their markets or power by posing as friends of the environment, this is called greenwashing. Saab's new "Grrrrrreen" advertising campaign in Australia makes deceptive claims and is a good example of it.

The "Grrrrrreen" ad states that "every Saab is green." Another ad for one car model, which runs on a part ethanol mix, proclaims it is "fueled by nature: enjoy more power with a cleaner conscience." But according to Australian government data, Saab cars have relatively poor environmental performance. Saab's best performing car was ranked 33rd in it. Still, Saab's "Grrrrrreen" newspaper and internet campaign claims "every Saab is green" because, for each sale, the company will plant 17 trees on behalf of the customer to offset the emissions in the first year.